Carrom Improves Both Physical and Cognitive Abilities


A recent study by Indian researchers from University of Mumbai have recently conducted a study on 5,000 primary school students over a span of 4 months. Initially, they gave each student an IQ test before and after 4 months of playing 2 hours carrom daily. The average IQ of the students rose by a staggering 15 points.  So let’s get down to business and find the exact benefits of playing carrom!

5 Benefits of Playing Carrom:

Sharp Increase in Hand-Eye Coordination – Hand-eye coordination is a critical factor in winning a game of carrom. Your fingers have to perform these minute actions and strikes to the smallest of fractions as these affects the outcome of the game.

Critical Thinking Skills – A carrom game requires quick calculations and critical thinking on the fly because a game of carrom is ever changing. You have to constantly adapt your plans on winning the game depending on a myriad of factors such as: position of the carrommen, position of the queen and lastly where to stop your carrommen to prevent your opponent from winning the game.

Build Focus – Playing carrom requires a great amount of focus and concentration. In carrom, players must focus on their targets (the striker and carrommen), the angle of their trajectory, the angle their fingers are positioned and if the striker will strike the carrommen itself and lastly how much strength to control the rebound of the striker. This trains your ability to focus on a given objective which in turn aids you in attaining your life goals.

Burn Calories and Lose Weight– Playing carrom burns a surprising amount of calories due to the amount of walking around the board to find the best angle to strike the carrommen. In a game of carrom, you have to walk an average of 800 meters. No more reason to be lazy!

Slowing Down Aging – Studies have shown that socializing with friends while playing a game of carrom (Or any game in particular) have beneficial impacts on your aging speed. Slow down aging while enjoying yourself! Things can’t get any easier than that.