How Golf Tournaments Work

The United States of America is a country rich in golf courses and golf tournaments. From the PGA Tour events to charity scrambles tournaments, there are over one million golf tournaments held every year.

Golf tournaments bring together groups of golfers to compete and determine the best individual golfer or team of golfers in that particular tournament. There is an immense amount of planning to do before the tournament can begin, but it all starts in committee.
Tournament Committee
A group of golfers decides to begin a tournament. It can be for a charity or a sanctioned event. This committee is the motivating force of the tournament. The board members must decide what will work best for their individual golfing community. All golfers enjoy tournaments, especially the scramble format. Some golfers shy away from the more serious of tournaments like the County Amateur or a junior or senior tournament that are played on a stroke basis. But all golfers enjoy playing the less frustrating scramble format.

We are excited playing this format and especially when our team makes a good score on a hole or has the closest to the pin on a par three. When finished with the round, we watch with bated breath as the team scores are placed on the scoreboard. Players enjoy the camaraderie, bemoan the missed opportunities, and congratulate team members who performed worthy of a tournament.

Planning begins with the committee. Make decisions based on committee votes and ideas. Consider the following:

 Format-   Choose between the scramble, best ball, medal or stroke play.
 Charity or Sanctioned –   Sanctioned events need approval of ruling body/Charity events are the usual choice
 Golf Course – Committee members from staff of public or private course
The committee needed to implement a tournament must be large. The chair of the committee will draw on the support of the committee members for players in the event, which will help to assure its success. After the first tournament, the following events if held at a similar time of the year at the same course will be better attended and will assure for future tournament success.

Running a sanctioned event is more difficult and is better left to the state officials in conjunction with a golf teaching facility or those with golf degrees  that will have the necessary staff that know, and adhere to, the requirements and rules of holding a sanctioned event.

But charity events are a different matter and can be started with at least a six months headstart. In the case of these charity events, more advertising for the initial event will be necessary. It is a good idea to invite a golf columnist or sports editor from the local newspaper and radio station on your committee. This presents a win-win situation because the event will receive free coverage by the local radio and newspaper.

If two local writers and staff from different channels or newspapers become members of the board, then a friendly rivalry between the two media groups can be started.
Committee members should be drawn from other golf-related businesses, and a special honorary chairman title or titles can be given to important members of the community.

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Learning To Surf Does Not Have To Be Complicated

Once you have decided that you would like to go surfing, it is not just a matter of buying the equipment and then heading off down to the sea. There will have to be a number of lessons beforehand or else your surfing experience will be nothing more than falling of a board. If you put your mind to it, you should have the basics in a few days and then the improvements will come with practice and experience.

Some of the things that may seem to be the easiest will be the things that take the most time to learn. Standing up and the positioning of the feet are going to be two of the most complex lessons to learn, but once they have been mastered there will not be much else that will take a lot of time or keep you out of the water for long. While there is nothing like learning from a great surfer, there is a lot to be learned from books and videos.

You won’t learn everything that way, but you will be amazed by how much you have remembered when you are putting your learning into practice. Equipment will help and when starting out it will be best to have a surfboard that is long and wide. It will be more stable and help to keep you afloat for longer. Common sense also comes into it and you should not surf on your own just in case you get into difficulties.

It will also help your confidence if you start off by visiting a beginners’ beach and don’t try to catch the big waves right away, but get used to the small ones first. Once you are on the beach, don’t just rush into the sea, but watch the waves for a while, and make sure that you have warmed up first. You want to be fully flexible and know that your muscles are ready for the challenge.

While you should not surf alone, you also need to keep a good distance from other beginners. None of you need to feel crowded while you are learning. For extra safety don’t forget the surf leash. It will help with balance if you practice sitting and then lying on the surfboard. If you can keep the water away from your legs that will help and you can begin to paddle. Once you are ready to stand just stand quickly and as soon as you feel the wave behind you.

To prevent injury, bend your knees as this way any shocks will be absorbed. If it goes wrong and you need to get off the board, make sure that you jump away from it. Also cover your head so that it does not hit you as you will no longer have control of it. This is not a failure as most surfers will come off the board from time to time. As a final safety consideration, stop once you start to feel tired as it will be easy to lose concentration, and you should lie on the board and paddle back to the beach.

Getting Better At Golf Quickly and Easily

Learning the game of golf is not simple but like anything worth doing, your level of commitment will determine how successful you get. There is a saying that success in anything is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent luck. However if you do work on the right things you can get better faster.

Learn the short game first:

Many of the best golfers in the world learned the short game well first. They spent a lot of time around the greens and working on their wedge game in order to get better. Be sure to take enough time during practice around the greens and you may be surprised how quickly your scores come down. One of the keys to becoming a good putter is to pick one main approach and then to stick with it. There are many different putting techniques that can work so do not change putting styles all the time as this can lead to the yips. Learn to trust your putter and putting style as this is one of the keys to great putting. When you are reading greens you want to trust the first solid impression you get. Take your time and see the putt from various angles until you are confident about the read. Keep your mind quiet when you are about to hit it and simply react to the target and trust that you will have the right distance control for longer putts. Remember that almost every putter already has great touch, you were already born with it so trust your eyes and see the ball going in the hole slowly for longer putts.

Master the mental game:

The mental component to golf is important and being confident over the shots is critical if you want to be more successful and reduce your scoring. Remembering your bad shots and focusing on them too much is not helpful and will usually lead to less consistency and higher scores. Tracking your scores and statistics is another important key to getting better. Try to find a tool online that can help you to keep track of your scores and handicap easily. There are many good sites that can track your handicap and analyze your scores so even if you are a beginner you will get better faster if you keep track of your handicap and statistics right from the start. Remember to take enough time working on the short game and stay positive on the course as these are valuable keys to getting better.

Volleyball and the Real World Application

To some, volleyball is just a sport, while to others it is an art form. Understanding volleyball allows individuals to develop critical thinking skills, organizational skills, and self-awareness skills. Bystanders may find the sport fun and fast paced, but they rarely understand all of the effort that goes into playing it. Playing volleyball involves more than learning how court chemistry comes together and how plays are run. Playing involves learning the moves and habits of your teammates as well as gaining a sense of awareness. By practicing, a person can develop awareness and critical thinking skills that are important in the game and life.

Skills to be Successful

For a setter, volleyball is like a game of chess. It is all about reading the other players and keeping track of his or her own team. A setter has to be more aware than the other players on the court because he or she controls the pace of the entire game. To play this position successfully, a setter must be witty and smart. He or She must be able to think faster than the pace of the game. On top of that, a setter needs to be able to express his or her thoughts to teammates as well as to listen to teammates. Communication, like in anything else, is a key factor of success in volleyball. A defender must communicate with teammates about positioning. If one player cannot reach the ball, his or her teammates need to know, so they can reach the ball. Players talk to each other during a play to help make decisions about if the ball is in or out of bounds, and players will normally give advice on what play to run. Sometimes players will voice encouragements if another teammate is not playing their best. Another example of communication in volleyball is how a setter and hitter communicate effectively to set the ball along the net where it will not be blocked. Some skills that a setter needs to be successful are as follows:

• Know where everyone is supposed to be on the court at all times.
• Read his or her opponent’s behavior and make small adjustments.
• Communicate thoughts and intentions to teammates.
• Move swiftly and think rapidly.
• Plan moves steps ahead.
• Make calculated movements that do not indicate plays to defenders.

Real Life Application

Communication, strategy, and critical thinking are skills that educators work hard to teach effectively. College focuses on testing a student’s ability to perform critical thinking activities. Some professors do not understand how students are coming to college with such limited practice in this area. While students have practiced critical thinking in a classroom environment, many students have never been exposed to critical thinking in a realistic setting. Sports are a realistic outlet that can give students an opportunity to begin developing these very important skills.

When someone is able to grow up practicing these skills in a scenario that he or she enjoys, that person learns faster and gives motivation to solve complex problems in life. Passion to learn infused within these necessary skills, one is able to gain experience in a fun, involving way.

By actively participating in sports, individuals practice at problem solving and forming strategy goals, skills which gain importance with age. Particular roles in certain sports, such as a setter position in volleyball, may offer more in-depth practice of these skills than other sports. In addition to learning physical skills, athletes develop mental skills that are relevant to life through the sports they play.