Chelsea, One Step Closer to Glory


On Monday 6th March 2017, Stratford, London’s commonly known as the Olympic Stadium witnessed a game between the current league table toppers Chelsea and West Ham United. The Pensioners with a stunning display of overall game registered their 21st victory of the league and took a giant leap to win the title in Antonio Conte’s first season as manager. Antonio with his expertise was yet again successful in putting a show of perfect tactical arrangement against the threat of WHU’s 6ft 4’ front man strategy. With their remarkable attacking ability in the 25th minute fronts of Chelsea were able to pierce through the defenses of West Ham and Chelsea’s Belgium Winger, Hazard, after playing interesting one-to-one with Pedro shifted the ball perfectly past their keeper. The deal was doubled when the same winger chopped the corner from the left and handing it over to Spain’s unbeatable striker Diego Costa who clearly didn’t make mistake in putting this one where it belonged as well. This was 17th league goal for him.

The Hammers, however didn’t feel like going home without putting 1 with their team name in the scorecard. At the stoppage time, Carrol was cleverly able to rob Febregas and passed it onto Andre Ayew who judged it right, squared for Lazini to fire it in. At the time of whistles, the scorecard, West Ham United 1 – 2 Chelsea. The hammers and The Blues are rather having some interesting statistical battle going on. Chelsea are now crowned for winning 118 Premier League London matches, this is more than any team. West Ham has managed winning only 3 for their past 22 against Chelsea. 16 ended as a loss and 4 as a draw.

Chelsea is all set after this win to have an FA Cup quarter final against Manchester United, this Monday. With a terrific win in their tank, Chelsea might arrange to go beyond The Leonardo’s of the game as they’re getting good in drawing. Chelsea with an all set and all confident lineup may be able to capture another one to their name. Once that is done they will be coming back to the league going against the current number nine, Stoke City which according to the records is not going to be a problem for them either. West Ham on the other hand will be able to settle the score down away at Bournemouth.

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Carrom Improves Both Physical and Cognitive Abilities


A recent study by Indian researchers from University of Mumbai have recently conducted a study on 5,000 primary school students over a span of 4 months. Initially, they gave each student an IQ test before and after 4 months of playing 2 hours carrom daily. The average IQ of the students rose by a staggering 15 points.  So let’s get down to business and find the exact benefits of playing carrom!

5 Benefits of Playing Carrom:

Sharp Increase in Hand-Eye Coordination – Hand-eye coordination is a critical factor in winning a game of carrom. Your fingers have to perform these minute actions and strikes to the smallest of fractions as these affects the outcome of the game.

Critical Thinking Skills – A carrom game requires quick calculations and critical thinking on the fly because a game of carrom is ever changing. You have to constantly adapt your plans on winning the game depending on a myriad of factors such as: position of the carrommen, position of the queen and lastly where to stop your carrommen to prevent your opponent from winning the game.

Build Focus – Playing carrom requires a great amount of focus and concentration. In carrom, players must focus on their targets (the striker and carrommen), the angle of their trajectory, the angle their fingers are positioned and if the striker will strike the carrommen itself and lastly how much strength to control the rebound of the striker. This trains your ability to focus on a given objective which in turn aids you in attaining your life goals.

Burn Calories and Lose Weight– Playing carrom burns a surprising amount of calories due to the amount of walking around the board to find the best angle to strike the carrommen. In a game of carrom, you have to walk an average of 800 meters. No more reason to be lazy!

Slowing Down Aging – Studies have shown that socializing with friends while playing a game of carrom (Or any game in particular) have beneficial impacts on your aging speed. Slow down aging while enjoying yourself! Things can’t get any easier than that.

Board Game Boxes – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Board games provide the perfect family entertainment with most having an age range that suits the diverse element in a family gathering. Many a times you will be fascinated how they occupy the major part of a family holidays or picnic. Certain games will remain special to us for keeps due to family preference or childhood memories. Although they may not be most peoples first choice for entertainment these days, with computers, Ipods and other modern luxuries, the fact is on the boring rainy nights these board games are always pulled out from the closet and enjoyed just as much when they first came out many decades ago.

These are reasons why these special games will always hold a special position in every person’s life. It is not always the child who can relate to the board games’ fascination. It actually stretches quite beyond that.

Titles such a Pictionary, Monopoly, Chinese Checker, Carrom, Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble and other word games are household names and remain favorites to many. Even down the ages the nature of traditional games has not changed in a while. Though board game boxes change in design, lamination and upgrading in technological matters, they always hold that special space of significance that their traditional values hold for themselves.

They have always been a hit at parties and even young adults or elders come to join in the fun and interaction. Wrapped attention is always found when a particularly entertaining game is in play. Card games are also popular game forms that have come to be a massive hit through all age brackets.

The different forms and shapes that come through the numerous types of card games keep fascinating board game lovers. Even if we outgrow one kind we will always find something contemporary or revamped out of the old to grab our attention.

If you wish to relive those great childhood memories, or perhaps a new type of board game has caught your interested, the easiest and most often cheapest way is to buy them online.

How Golf Tournaments Work

The United States of America is a country rich in golf courses and golf tournaments. From the PGA Tour events to charity scrambles tournaments, there are over one million golf tournaments held every year.

Golf tournaments bring together groups of golfers to compete and determine the best individual golfer or team of golfers in that particular tournament. There is an immense amount of planning to do before the tournament can begin, but it all starts in committee.
Tournament Committee
A group of golfers decides to begin a tournament. It can be for a charity or a sanctioned event. This committee is the motivating force of the tournament. The board members must decide what will work best for their individual golfing community. All golfers enjoy tournaments, especially the scramble format. Some golfers shy away from the more serious of tournaments like the County Amateur or a junior or senior tournament that are played on a stroke basis. But all golfers enjoy playing the less frustrating scramble format.

We are excited playing this format and especially when our team makes a good score on a hole or has the closest to the pin on a par three. When finished with the round, we watch with bated breath as the team scores are placed on the scoreboard. Players enjoy the camaraderie, bemoan the missed opportunities, and congratulate team members who performed worthy of a tournament.

Planning begins with the committee. Make decisions based on committee votes and ideas. Consider the following:

 Format-   Choose between the scramble, best ball, medal or stroke play.
 Charity or Sanctioned –   Sanctioned events need approval of ruling body/Charity events are the usual choice
 Golf Course – Committee members from staff of public or private course
The committee needed to implement a tournament must be large. The chair of the committee will draw on the support of the committee members for players in the event, which will help to assure its success. After the first tournament, the following events if held at a similar time of the year at the same course will be better attended and will assure for future tournament success.

Running a sanctioned event is more difficult and is better left to the state officials in conjunction with a golf teaching facility or those with golf degrees  that will have the necessary staff that know, and adhere to, the requirements and rules of holding a sanctioned event.

But charity events are a different matter and can be started with at least a six months headstart. In the case of these charity events, more advertising for the initial event will be necessary. It is a good idea to invite a golf columnist or sports editor from the local newspaper and radio station on your committee. This presents a win-win situation because the event will receive free coverage by the local radio and newspaper.

If two local writers and staff from different channels or newspapers become members of the board, then a friendly rivalry between the two media groups can be started.
Committee members should be drawn from other golf-related businesses, and a special honorary chairman title or titles can be given to important members of the community.

Sports Betting For The Newbie – Making Cash Online With Betting!


Online sports betting is increasing daily and it’s not hard to comprehend why. It combines two all-time preferred previous-occasions – sports activities and using dangers. We can’t all play expert sports activities. Most individuals can’t consider weekly trips to Vegas. But many thanks to on-line olahraga taruhan you can have the thrill of watching sports activities and winning money at the exact same time. All in the privateness of your personal house! It doesn’t get a lot better than that.

Place Your Bet Wisely- If you have lately started on-line betting then it is recommended not to spend all that you have on a single sport. You are goal should be to appreciate and win back again as much as feasible from the money that you invested. There is no point in placing cash blindly and then going bankrupt. If you understand that you are successful on a consistent basis, then it is advisable not to push it further in greed for much more. There are many situations exactly where a person who has been successful consistently decides not to stop at all, and when he begins to shed, he continues to attempt his luck hoping to recover the misplaced money. This is never a great factor to do. Most importantly, it is by no means sensible to keep betting so blindly that you finish up discovering yourself in debt.

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The Bears are all about the over; it’s 5-one over their last 6 playoff home video games and six-1 more than their last seven video games general. The individual playoff agent online football gambling developments recommend this game will go over but the history between the teams indicates or else.

It is also a good factor to have an appear on the quantity of cash that the customers of the web site you are considering of choosing have managed to make. This will give you an idea about the recognition and achievement of the site. You also require to make your self certain about how frequently the bettors have won by making use of the picks that are available on that site. The dependable websites of on-line betting will ensure that you have around 80%25 opportunity of successful. As no absolutes are there, it is not feasible for you to win each and every time. You should be mentally prepared to lose some money in purchase to get much more.

You will get an idea on how to run the business profitably. It is why the preliminary selection of right type of reliable and regular website becomes quite crucial. There are a lot of online websites that are providing the facility though. You can’t rely upon all as a matter of reality. A lot of fraudulent schemes and scammers are filled in the cyber globe.

This is something that no on-line bookie will expose. But once more typical bettor does have an oblique way of  prediksi bola malam ini paling akurat on what the wiseguys or individuals with accessibility to precious information, are betting.

There are hundreds of sports betting choose solutions out there; some of them are frauds and others are legitimate and have produced me money working day following day. Finding the correct service is important to your sports betting career’s success. Educate yourself day in and working day out, discover a reliable choosing service, you will be nicely on your way to an on-line sports betting profession.